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Welcome to Utabaka no Kisu, a fansite for the Japanese musician Hirai Ken. If you don't know who he is, be sure to check out the introduction! This site offers a range of information and media and it is constantly growing, so check back often for updates. I hope you enjoy all of the content, and on your way out please visit my affiliates. :)

URL change, backlog
27 March 2012: New URL! I'll be chipping away at my backlog at this site slowly. I am working on a new layout so please look forward to that :)
Small update
18 January 2010: Ken's birthday was yesterday, and although I was unable to make anything fancy in celebration, I am updating with two new avatars and some minor things here and there. This year I'll have many more updates (most of them will be after college is over), so please look forward to them.
Unintentional hiatus
23 October 2009: This site is incredibly backlogged at the moment, and for that I deeply apologize. Unfortunately real life is interfering with my ability to keep up with all things Ken, but once I can settle down I will definitely be back for major updates. A quick news recap for those who don't know: Ken released an album (Ken's Bar II), a DVD (Vol. 11), and two singles (CANDY and Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru).
Site update
3 February 2009: Utabaka no Kisu has been launched! Please feel free to send in feedback, either through the guestbook or by email. Suggestions to improve the quality of this growing fansite are much appreciated!
Ken's Bar
Ken's Bar 10th Anniversary Valentine Special!, sponsored by GODIVA, is scheduled for 14 February 2009.
New song!
Ken Hirai has covered the song Moon River, which will be the theme song of the movie The Shadow of the Moon. The movie will be released in Japan on 16 January 2009.

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