Ken has an impeccable charm about him. He never fails to be polite. He will be the one bowing twice as much during television appearances, which is amusing considering how tall he is. He's also quite funny, with witty remarks and dorky get-ups. If there's one other thing you will learn about Ken from watching his TV appearances, it is that he loves karaoke. He especially loves singing songs by Japanese band Arashi.

The one thing I think sets Ken apart from numerous other musicians is his ability to sing with feeling. He puts so much passion into each and every song he writes, records and performs. The reason there are so many gaps with his releases is because he is a perfectionist. He will not release something until he is completely satisified with it. He's not in the music industry for the fame or the money, he's there because he has amazing talent and he adores singing.

"I'm still uncomfortable with my visual features."
When Ken was younger, he was often mistaked for a foreigner because he doesn't have common Japanese physical features. As a result of this, he developed a complex about his appearance. Although people now recognize him due to his fame, he is still very shy.

His music is best classified as Japanese pop and R&B. He ranges from catchy pop songs to jazz-influenced numbers to moving ballads. Although he hasn't studied musical notation, he writes his own lyrics that are inspired by his emotions and surroundings. Check out the lyrics section!

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