okay, so i lied

Who is the heck is Hirai Ken?
Really now, it's written on the main page that if you don't know him you should read the Introduction page.

Are you Hirai Ken?!
... No, I'm just a fan. On that note, I don't have any of his contact information either, so please don't ask. Really, do you think that he of all people, would make a fansite for himself?! (Read the Personality page if you don't get it.)

Is his name Hirai Ken or Ken Hirai?
His first name is Ken and his last name is Hirai. Japanese people say their surnames first, so he is Hirai Ken. However, as an artist he goes by Ken Hirai (think Ayumi Hamasaki or Namie Amuro).

Ugh, I hate Hirai Ken.
Then why did you come here? There's a little button in that corner of your window that can close this site. Click it.

Is he homosexual?
This has been debated by his fanbase for years now, and personally I don't care much for it. His personal life is just that, personal, and I could care less what his sexual orientation is. End of story.

Can I take [something] from your fansite?
Read the Terms of Use to find out if it's okay.

Can I take your content?
Absolutely not! I don't spend hours writing content just so some thief can steal it.

May I join your staff?
No, at the moment I work alone.

Do you plan on having more media/images?
Yes, it's all a matter of time.

Will you send me an image?
No, do I look like a maid to you? Use Google!

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